Won the award of  “Jintang Award 2011 publication of the year award” 

"The creative dimension of inspiration", the book has two volumes, present the case of LiuWeiJun firm club’s design and the villa’s design, express Danfu Liu creative inspiration unique design language。

“the shape of inspiration triggered” (clubhouse design) “the view of inspiration of touches “ (villa design) intend to review the images from the shape and use the images to view the shape. It stands on the shape and image in the design to explain a mature designer’s way of thinking. In the book, Danfu Liu is a monologist and he tells his life story. 

Today, he resorts the things in his heart, including passion, life, inspiration, resonance and design. Ten years, one day. This was once his short but deep sentiment in his heart. One day, and then ten years again, that’s what he and this book want to tell the readers. This book is honor- published as a masterpiece for the 10th anniversary of Pinki Creative. The design is gentle and elegant, structure is clear, we believe it will give the design community and young designers a different perspective of thinking. This wordl is not a lack of ideas and stories, but lack of feelings and resonance. Let us read the book, understand the people and appreciate the design together.


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