"Neptunium Np" almost doesn’t exist in nature, it's found to break the boundaries of the classical periodic system. It is a synthetic transuranic element, that is the basis of the modern elements in the Periodic System of 93 elements.  Scientists named it after the planet Neptune, neptunium. The symbol of this element is { Np } ;

"Ferrum Fe" is the most important of the elements,it is the most widely used element, but it is also vital to the human body, it is the basis of the modern chemical industry, and has  greatly advanced the human civilization. "Ferrum Fe" is one of the most important elements.

NPFE pushes the boundaries in order to create change. We create, excellent and creative designs, for business and art. We promote balance between culture and life. 

NPFE is a abbreviation for Neptunium Np combined with Ferrum Fe, and symbolize the philosophy of the ying yang balance.

" Neptunium " "Ferrum " combined with the " pros and cons " philosophy of the " take " and" loss " eclectic , metaphor , reflection modifications.

NPFE , advocates for the " pursuit of the beauty of life”, the spirit of philosophy , adhere to the communication era values, ​reflect cultural dissemination, imprint designs produced, with the guarantee of high quality and high specification for the benefit of our customers .

The NPFE philosophy represents our values ​​:

When you make a choice with you heart, it fills you hart with quietness.

NPFE four letters on behalf of our behavior and way of thinking, our positive perception of the world, sustainable ;  Insights calmly positioning in the business of changing the accumulation of a wide range of information;  We understand that in any predicament to adhere to the strategy of vision , no compromise short-term pains;  brand, effectiveness and creative ideas into commercial gear most efficient and sustainable source core.

Members of Asia Business Dissemination

Members of ICOGADA

Member of the director unit of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association

NPFE is established on the brand market. The NPFE offer commercial and aesthetic design, for media organizations ,production companies, product design, and architectural interior design  professionals.

We focus on brand marketing aesthetics practice; we research, design and execute, an integration of communication. NPFE is a creative a leading brand and commercial design consulting company.

We search for, and find a business or an brand DNA, insight into the co-owner of the structure and with reference to the characteristics import, aesthetics corporate or brand marketing communications strategy into the theme and style, build brand aesthetic style to inspire a feeling of another feeling, " synesthesia effect " , commercial marketing and win the heart of targeted audiences through differentiated sensory experiences and identify the business or brand.

We specialize in re-branding, dynamic marketing, business design, product and packaging design, and cultural publishing. We are global innovation and commercial design company,  the effective information capture, conversion, integrated marketing and efficient implementation of the service capabilities.

Bin Zhang

Registered consultants: China Enterprise Confederation Management Consultation Committee;

Member: Asia Business Communications Association;
Sponsor: Chinese Commercial and Arts Development merged in to the institution organization agency;

Sponsor: NPFE;

Leading design: NPFE Life creation studio.

NPFE, was established in 2009 by Mr. Bin zhang. He’s vision was to create a unique Chinese commercial design concept by communicating the unique culture of NPFE trough their design process.

He holds a master in journalism and has special opinion on he’s design. He refused mediocrity and uses his unique style to define an excellent, aesthetic commercial design.

He believes that the the dissemination of the functional and unique benefits of a product or brand, has become the main means of communication in todays society and in social relations. This has also been an important incentive for new derivative of socio-cultural.

He is a firm believer in the natural world before “life aesthetic practitioner”. He insisted on “design to restore the brand's outlook on life, raised the brand 's social efficacy of language " , he feels product or brand is function of mass communication and also it is the most important manners of communications.
To focused marketing aesthetics

When product performance, value and brand image are the key elements there can not be  competitive differentiation . Sensory experience of marketing as a strategic tool promotes a business or brand with a true continuation of vitality , unique identification and the loop expansion of the consumer group. Sensory elements and aesthetic design of the NPFE aid commercial marketing of the business or brand. We believe that businesses use the system , the value of brand building culture , cultural life , the value of production profit, record development , the NPFE Team commercial objective laws assist outstanding enterprises in the development of innovative brand communication ideas in brand positioning, characteristic identification, brand strategy, image of the terminal. Services such are commercial information communication system to improve the enterprise or brand.

NPFE to brand : Any kind of assembly are come from cores claim.
                       All possible change comes from cores insight.
We know that customer service is to create and produce value for money, this is the basic principle of our professional business. We can identify the complex and changeable business conditions in China.  Together with the costumer we belief we can create a model of a Chinese commercial brand.

Lucky chance:
We firmly believe that a successful business project must be based on the customer's perspective, stems from our ability; 

Every customer is our mentor , so we have a common criteria - " trust";

Put in:
We put enthusiasm, the customer input is expected , so are the "heart" inputs;

The core of communication is not only to learn more , but that in it increases possibility to be more creative;

Capital mobility brand strategy is the competitiveness of the brand;

" Aggregate " seeking common ground while reserving differences on minor points , "for win-win to avoid loss .

The global Industry Forum Product Design Award , iF Design Award (Germany) was founded in 1953 , known as the " Design Oscar," said the iF Design Contest is one of the most important awards in the recognized global design contest .  The purpose of the award for the revitalization of the industrial design, to promote the concept of design innovation, focusing on industrial designs humane elements that have been influential in the world in the design industry and are representative! This Award given by Germany's oldest industrial design agency - Hanover Industrial Design Forum is held annually. iF certified products means that the outstanding design of the product. iF Award has become a guarantee of global marketing.

The iF design award 60th anniversary celebration, iF packaging design award. NPFE dissemination of “good intentions tea ceremony” Maytea Tea Gift Suit won the 2013 iF packaging design award .

The "China Design Exhibition", jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the theme was  “ Times • Creation ”. Presents contemporary Chinese design with Chinese social reform and development to achieve full coverage on several major areas of design. The design reflects cross-sectoral the interdisciplinary qualities to establish a professional influence, national exhibition and research platform. “ China Design Exhibition" advocates that everyone can enjoy good design, establishing a Chinese - life value, building a Chinese national exhibition platform with a centralized presentation of the outstanding achievements of contemporary design .NPFE works of communication design works selected for the national design exhibition tournament.
The NPFE works of communication design works selected for the national design exhibition tournament.

The "Jintang Award • Interior Design Annual Award " is the annual selection of the biggest and most influential in the interior design industry to judging the awards of the most commercial value , " " most of the value of life " value of most cities in three dimensions .The good works of the Year. " voting results " Vetting Committee weighted vote online of the designer 260,000 design Members the of Chinese architecture and interiors. The annual on top ten works as the most industry representative annual of the  Interior Design industry award in that year.


The 2011 Annuity Church Award first set of industry best publications Award. The NPFE dissemination won the 2011 Best Publication Design Awards.

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