Maytea Tea Gift Package takes the perspectives of Chinese traditional aesthetics and practical environmental protection into consideration. And its independent package titles are named by He(harmony),Le(pleasure),Xi(Jubilancy) and Yuan(Sincerity).

Maytea conveys the sense of kindness. It sounds like Meiyi, which symbolizes the five Blessings(Joy, Happiness,longevity,pleasure and peace).At each corner of front-side is covered by characters-CaomuYijian, and curved "Meiyi" and "Ze Wu Yi Rong" on each side,which means the virtue of inclusiveness .The cover opens from opposite sides, combining with Chinese knots and natural agates.And Plum blossom branches are decorated at the edge of inside package.The whole body applies simple technological design with mixed simple but elegant colors to highlight the plain and source of nature.

The four names of each independent tea package(He,Le,Xi,Yuan) all come from the traditional Chinese blessing culture. They are revealed by four totally different colors and patterns. The following is the specific explanation for the four packages.  

He(harmony) It adopts fresh green,the flourishing plants'color,as its blending color, which reflects the strong exuberant vitality of human race and the dream of harmonious life in oriental world. Otherwise, the lively swimming fishes image comes through a harmonious and affluent traditional idea. That's because fish has the same pronunciation of Yu in China means our life have enough food or fortune to spare in the future.   

Le(pleasure) The pleasure of traveling and writing with friends and refined scholars. The cover color is based on the blue-and-white which belongs to traditional Chinese craft with more than 700 years history: Chinese Procelain. According to Chinese culture, people are indulged into the natural beauty and their works many are based on the prototype of landscape. It decorated by the lines of mountains and water which reveals the elegant taste of Chinese refined scholars.   

Xi(Jubilancy) We choose the Chinese Red as its bottom color which deeply reflects people's joy and jubilancy in Chinese culture.It is known to all that the Chinese Red has become the favourite color to Chinese People, it symbolizes their hopes to live a better life. The body adopts the traditional auspicious clouds line to stand out jubilant phenomenon which is the most pleasing method for han People to express.

Yuan(Sincerity) The predestined relationship of human and objects. The lid utilizes the classic Chinese color amber,which also widely used in Zen holy materials in ancient China. "Date with tea, enjoy your life". This kind of gift has meaning of expressing pleasure at the very first sight, and the whole body decorated with lines of tea leaf which implied Zen meaning of Bodhi.     

The four boxes are connected by natural grey agate and Chinese Knots which play a fixed and aesthetic role in the whole series. For making best using experience, agate pearl can be used as craft bracelets and necklaces after tasting your tea.


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