Sigmann is a joint venture of Valensio International (Germany) Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Debao Industries Development Co., Ltd, one of the earliest modern enterprises manufacturing high-end cabinets in China. Integrated with German high standards of design, technology and quality, and supplies of materials and accessories, Sigmann aims to be the top brand in China’s cabinet industry. 

In 2010, the Sigmann accelerated the brand expansion and internationalization, and asked NPFE  to reshape the brand design and marketing communication accordingly with new dynamic. 

NPFE Presents set the theme of “Exalted Cabinets” and replaced the old images in a prudent, classic, concentrative, and precise design style, thus visualizing the brand appeal of “This is my life”. The sensible and recognizable terminal communication has successfully shaped a classic international household brand that integrates the ideal pursuit of high quality life.  


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